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Schirmer/Mosel Showroom

Gallery and Bookshop
In den Hofgartenarkaden, Galeriestraße 2, 80539 München
phone: +49 (0)89 29 16 16 01    fax: +49 (0)89 29 16 16 02
Opening Hours: Mon-Fr 2-7 pm, Sat 12-3 pm

Schirmer/Mosel Showroom Showroom Schirmer/Mosel

Founded in 1998, Schirmer/Mosel Showroom is an art gallery, a bookshop and a public platform for the images, books and authors of Schirmer/Mosel Publishers..

You will find our Schirmer/Mosel Showroom in Munich's most beautiful and most central location - the Hofgartenarkaden (Royal Garden Arcades) - in the historic center of Munich, one of the most scenic and prestigious locations in town that has served as a continuous inspiration to artists and writers such as Giorgio de Chirico and T.S. Eliot. This location is also at the heart of Munich's "art mile", stretching from the Pinakothek museums to the Hofgarten galleries, Haus der Kunst near to the English Garden, and Villa Stuck across the river Isar.

Schirmer/Mosel Showroom spreads across two levels with a total of 130 m² of floor space for exhibitions, book premieres, press conferences and events for the general public. With this Showroom Schirmer/Mosel has provided the space and the facilities for presenting its authors and their works to art collectors and the art loving public. Please come and visit us! 

Schirmer/Mosel Showroom SChirmer/Mosel Showroom


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