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Dear Friends of Schirmer/Mosel Publishing,

enclosed, I’m sending you my new catalogue announcing the books to be published in our 49th year of activity. It is hard to believe, but yes, God willing, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary on April 1 of next year. The big event is already leaving marks in this program, since not only we are getting older – so do our fellow human beings and the world in which we live with you.

In this program we are celebrating:

– Cees Nooteboom’s 90th anniversary on July 31, 2023, with a reprint of his unforgettable book on Hieronymus Bosch

– Maria Callas’ centenary on December 2, 2023, with a special edition of Attila Csampai’s brilliant illustrated monograph

– Michael Krüger’s 80th anniversary on December 9, 2023, with a new release presenting his memories of literary friends and his collaboration with photographer Isolde Ohlbaum

– Caspar David Friedrich’s 250th anniversary on September 5, 2024, with a book on his works in Russian museums

And we are commemorating our friend and collaborator Marianne Schneider who compiled our Leonardo da Vinci edition and translated it from the ancient Italian. She passed away in Florence on February 2 of this year, leaving a painful vacuum that can hardly ever be filled. In her honor we are publishing a new edition of her famous anthology of German flower poems from five centuries illustrated with flower pictures (drawings and photographs) by some of the world’s greatest artists. I can hardly announce a more beautiful gift book to you and your readers this season.

The new book by Isolde Ohlbaum and Michael Krüger also combines a treasure trove of images to be raised with lived literature sated with wordly wisdom.

For my anthology of glamour photographs by contemporary master photographers a host of prominent writers have joined to add a very special literary appeal.

For the first monograph of our Rome-based friend Max Renkel, his writer friends Durs Grünbein and Oswald Eggers have taken up their pens and jointly created a small monument that is without equal in the history of contemporary art.

A literary opus magnum of art history is Stefan Trinks’ study Glaubensstoffe und Geschichtsgewebe dedicated to the depiction of holy cloth since the Middle Ages. A textile bridge from there to haute couture is built by our new book on Yves Saint Laurent’s designs inspired by contemporary art.

You may notice that the literary dimension of viewing art holds a special and increasing position in our program. Marianne Schneider has laid the ground, Cees Nooteboom, Michael Krüger, Heiner Bastian, Patricia Görg, Florian Illies, and many more are important contributors.

I wish you great success with all our new books and their splendid combination of visual arts and poetry. Thank you for your dedicated interest. I wish you inspiring experiences with our books in the months and years to come.

Lothar Schirmer, Munich, May 2023


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